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To contribute in state economy of Rajasthan state via cow & its progeny and to conserve biodiversity in respect reproducing of pure breed indigenous cow, Breed improvement, conservation of indigenous cow breeds & Value addition of cow products. Hon'ble CM, Rajasthan declared in Budget announcement 2013-14 dated 12/03/2013 to Opening a separate "Directorate of Gauseva”. It came in functioning on 22/07/2013. Separate Gopalan Department has been created on 13.03.2014. The name of the "Gauseva Directorate, Rajasthan" has been changed to "Directorate Gopalan Rajasthan" from dated 19 December 2014.

Rajasthan state has a geographical area of 3,42,239 sq KM which is 10.45% of the country geographical area. The total livestock population of state as per 2012 livestock census is 577.32 lacs. The total cattle population in state is 133.24 lacs in which cross breed cattle are 17.35 lacs and indigenous cattle are 115.89 lacs in Rajasthan. Livestock sector has a significant impact in generating  income, employment and reducing poverty in rural areas.

The importance of indigenous cow and its products and their contribution to the national economy is well known. Apart from giving a wholesome and nutritious diet, containing all the elements required for a balanced diet, in the form of milk and milk products, providing draught power for ploughing fields and for transport, cow dung and urine can also prove to be an invaluable source of organic manure as well as for medicines to cure a number of diseases. Dung is also burnt as a fuel and used in bio-gas plants as an alternative source of energy for electrification and cooking in rural areas. The slurry from bio-gas plants is also usable as a manure, as it is a rich source of nitrogen.A great medicine used in Ayurveda as remedy of many diseases is "Panchgavya” comprising of five products of cow Milk, Ghee, Curd, Urine and Cow Dung .

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